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 Review, CoolComputers Tri-Arc Watercooler
By: Sverre Sjøthun, May 2, 2002  Print this article

In the third leg in our watercooler round-up we take a closer look at a kit from CoolComputers. With their new Tri-Arc waterblocks, this could prove to be a very interesting product. Read on as we investigate the performance of this kit.


This kit from CoolComputers is the cheapest in this round-up, so I was very excited to see how it performed up against “the big boys”. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what’s included with this kit:

- Tri-Arc Waterblock, copper/anodized aluminum, 3/8” fittings
- 1" CNC Machined mounting bracket
- Rio 180, 450LPH pump/reservoir, 110x110x110mm (WxHxD)
- ICE150 multichannel radiator, 180x280x20mm (WxHxD)
- Silicone hoses, 3/8”
- 2x120mm Papst fans(not supplied with the kit)

The whole kit

The whole kit

First impressions are important. What you see is usually what you get, but this kit was full of surprises. The radiator is basically the same as the one used in the Swiftech kit, only slightly bigger, and thus should be able to dissipate quite a bit of heat. The waterblock is a nice CNC machined piece of metal. It’s a low profile design, only 10mm thick. The biggest surprise, however, was the pump. The Rio180, capable of some 450LPH, is the smallest pump I’ve ever seen, and to be honest, it looks like a toy.

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