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 Review, DangerDen Maze 3 Watercooler
By: Sverre Sjøthun, September 6, 2002  Print this article

DangerDen has been around for a long time, and is probably one of the most well known and well spoken of watercoolers available. But are they as good as you might get the impression of? Read on as we investigate the preformance and quality of this kit.


Once again we are dealing with one of the big dogs in the watercooling arena -- DangerDen. DangerDen was actually the first brand watercooler I ever heard of, many years ago, so it was exciting to finally have one of their kits in the labs and take it out for a spin. But before we go on with the review, let’s have a look at what’s included in this kit:

- Black Ice Pro EVO 150.4x128.6x25 mm
- DangerDen Maze3, 3/8"
- Eheim 1048 (600LPH)
- 2 x 120mm fans
- Silicone tubing
- A variety of nuts, bolts, hoseclamps and thermal compund

First impressions

Right after I got this kit, my brother came over for a visit. He went over to the table where I had the parts laying around, just to see what weird stuff I had this time. He always finds it quite amusing to see the stuff I put inside my PC, especially the stuff that involves water. Anyway, he picked up the waterblock, and his immediate reaction was "WOW!". When a more or less computer-illiterate person totally digs a computer part, it has to be good. And to be honest, I couldn't have said it better myself. My first impression was "WOW".

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