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 Review, MIST - Silent Twin
By: Sverre Sjøthun, September 25, 2002  Print this article

Microplex is a company known by very few outside Norway, but up til now it has been more or less the one stop shop for the overclocking and modding crowd here in the northern hemisphere. But with the release of the Silent Twin, they boldly go one step further - producing their own processor cooler. Read on as we investigate the performance of this cooler.


In this review, we'll take a look at a quite unique processor cooler. Microplex is a Norwegian online store specializing in overclocking and modding equipmet, but just recently, they decided to go their own way and make their own CPU cooler. After searching high and low for the right heatsink they ended up with one of Coolinks models. They got an engineering sample, suggested a few improvements and the result after many months of planning and testing is the Silent Twin -- a very silent, yet very effective high-end CPU cooler. The cooler was developed in cooperation with the Danish company Studiedata and the German Papst.

What's so special about this cooler is the combination of noiselevel and performance. Yes, you get low noise heatsinks, but they lack cooling capacity, and you get high-performance coolers, but they sound worse than a Boeing at take-off.

But the question that still remains un-answered is: Does it live up to the manufacturers promises, and is it good enough for high-end users or even overclockers?

Let's take a look at the specifications, shall we?

Size heatsink: 67 x 66 x 69mm (LxWxH)
Size total: 95 x 66 x 69mm
Materials: Aluminum with copper base
Weight: 376g
Fans: 2xPapst 612F/2L (modified 612FL) 60x15mm, ~11CFM
Compatible with both AMD and Intel platforms

The MIST Silent Twin from Microplex

The MIST Silent Twin from Microplex

First impressions

Smooth. That's my fist thought. A nice black cardboard box with golden letters saying "Silent Twin, The sound of silence". Nothing more. The cooler itself, which is of course much more interesting that the cardboard box, has a great finish, and the overall quality is fantastic.

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