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 Review, Asetek WaterChill - Plug&Chill
By: Steffen Scheibler, October 22, 2003  Print this article

Asetek, leader in exotic and high-performance PC-cooling, have just released their new water-cooling solution under the name of "Plug & Chill". This kit is the next generation in the WaterChill line of products and boasts a number of improvements on its predecessor.


Despite reductions in manufacturing size, the amount of power modern CPUs require continues to increase. The end-result is that more heat is being dissipated off smaller surfaces and this requires the CPU coolers to perform that much better. Combine the above with global warming and your average overclocker is facing a tough challenge.

The regulars here will know I recently reviewed Plug&Chill's predecessor, and was generally very impressed. One other difference between this kit, hereafter code-named "Plug&Chill", and the previous kit, is that this new kit contains a CPU cooler, a chipset cooler and a VGA cooler which are all connected in series and the old one encompassed just a CPU cooler. I am curious how this setup will work when taxed by an overclocked CPU and AGP card and a chipset running at full speed.

Here is a diagram taken from the manual:

This is a sketch of how the entire kit should be assembled

This is a sketch of how the entire kit should be assembled

The 7V option for the 120mm Sunon fan should prove very interesting in this setup.

The Plug & Chill set has the following items in it:
- 1x WaterChill Radiator RDT02
- Fan, Low Noise, Sunon 12V (120x120mm)
- 1x Pump, Hydor L20 (700lph) & WaterChill Control Unit CTU01
- 1x WaterChill Reservoir RSV01
- 1x WaterChill CPU cooler (Fits Socket 478, A, 754)
- 1x WaterChill Chipset Cooler
- 1x WaterChill VGA Cooler
- 1x 6.5mm/10mm tubing – and plenty of it.
- Large number of small parts (incl. spares) used for assembly of all the components.

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