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 Warpzone 12 LAN report 2003
By: Sverre Sjøthun, October 8, 2003  Print this article

Warpzone is an annual event held in my hometown Stavanger, Norway. Over 400 young, and not so young, people gathered together for gaming, tournaments, modding and socializing. Read on as we give you the report of this years event.


On last Saturday, October 4th, the organisation WarpCrew officially opened Warpzone12 -- over 400 people of varying ages entered the gymnasium in Stavanger. Hundreds of computers, monitors, keyboards, Coke bottles, chips bags, various flavours of caffeinated beverages and what not are packed inside the gymnasium. This is where they’re going to spend the next 4 days.

Song Networks supplied Warpzone with the 34Mbit internet connection, and the internal network was composed of several 100Mbit switches and no less than 3.5km of twisted pair network cabling. So rest assured, everything was set for some massive file sharing and gaming activities.

The participants are allowed to do whatever they want -- play games, eat pizza and have a lot of fun. There are a few rules, however. Marketing manager Per "peda" Nordbø says there is network surveillance, and anything illegal under Norwegian laws is prohibited and will be reported to the local authorities.

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