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 Intel Canterwood(875P) memory recommendations from Corsair

By: Sverre Sjøthun, April 16, 2003  Print this article

We just received a bit of information from Corsair about which type of RAM to choose for the new Intel Canterwood (875P) chipset. While this is not great in detail, it contains some guidelines for you to follow, and we think this could prove to be useful for those of you concidering purchasing one of these new motherboards. Read on to find out more.


There has been some confusion on which memory is best for new motherboards based on the Intel Canterwood (875P) chip set. At this point, Corsair is recommending that people use pairs of either XMS3200C2 or XMS3500C2 modules. They do, however, not recommend the use of XMS3200LL modules, including TwinX 'LL'. This recommendation is based on results they have received in their motherboard lab.

Fig. 1 The Corsair Platinum series memory modules.

Fig. 1 The Corsair Platinum series memory modules.

The results we have seen are as follows:
Intel 875PBZ "Bonanza" board will recognize XMS3200LL modules as 333 MHz rather than 400 MHz, due to the agressive latency settings. Asus P4C800 will recognize 3200LL correctly, but 1GB maximum memory is recommended with the low latency settings.

Both boards are stable at latency settings of 2-3-2-6 rather than 2-2-2-6, as is programmed in the SPD of 'LL' parts. Therefore, Corsair recommend that users purchase the 3200C2 (or 3500C2, for maximum overclocking performance) and tweak the latency settings through the BIOS settings, to improve the settings.

Update April 28: Intel is ready to release a new BIOS version "P04", for the Canterwood-based "Bonanza", T875PBZ.

This BIOS change should allow the board to now read SPD memory settings of 2-2-2 and so use Corsair LowLatency memories, as originally intended.

We will keep you posted on further developments. Also make sure to check back for our upcoming MSI NEO-LSR(i875P) motherboard review.

Sverre Sjøthun

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