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 DFI Launches INFINITY 875, 865PE and NFII Ultra Motherboards
By: Sverre Sjøthun, September 17, 2003  Print this article

Hayward, CA (September 17, 2003) - DFI, the worldwide leader in performance and corporate motherboard manufacturing, today announced the unveiling of a new line of motherboards at Computex, the INFINITY series, aiming at performance users on a budget.


Leveraging DFI's expertise in motherboard design and the popularity of the LANParty series, the INFINITY is created with the most discerning overclockers and hardware enthusiasts in mind who demand best price/performance.

Available in both the Intel and the AMD platforms, DFI will offer three INFINITY models at launch: 875 INFINITY, 865PE INFINITY and NFII Ultra INFINITY. Taking advantage of what the latest chipsets have to offer and incorporating the groundbreaking CMOS Reloaded overclocking utility and Super PATCH performance enhancer, the INFINITY series delivers exceptional stability and power every overclocker values.

Based on the signature crimson red PCB, the INFINITY series is equipped with advanced features important to the target audience: blazing fast dual channel DDR400 support, Serial ATA RAID, patented RAID 1.5, 6-channel audio, Gigabit LAN and high speed Firewire. To complement the LANParty series featuring the industry's first UV sensitive slots and sockets for case modders, the INFINITY series aims to deliver nothing but a stunning PC experience.

The DFI 875 Infinity motherboard

The DFI 875 Infinity motherboard

For the Intel Pentium 4 platform, overclockers now have two compelling choices to satisfy their need to "tweak". The 875 INFINITY is based on the Intel 875P/ICH5R chipset, and supports Hyper-Threading, Performance Acceleration Technology (PAT), dual channel DDR400 up to 4GB, 6-channel audio, Intel CSA Gigabit LAN, 2 Serial ATA IDE, Serial and ATA133 RAID, and proprietary RAID 1.5.

The DFI 865PE Infinity motherboard.

The DFI 865PE Infinity motherboard.

The 865PE INFINITY is based on the 865PE/ICH5 chipset and equipped with support for 4 Serial ATA IDE ports, Serial ATA RAID, and IEEE 1394 Firewire. Extending the lead in designing motherboards for the enthusiasts, the 865PE INFINITY is the first to feature DFI's new Super PATCH technology. Leveraging the advanced features the Intel i865PE chipset offers, Super PATCH enables the INFINITY model to deliver supreme performance gain over competition in benchmarking software including 3Dmark2001SE, PC Mark 2002, and Comanche 4.0.

The NFII Ultra Infinity.

The NFII Ultra Infinity.

For the AMD fans, the NFII Ultra INFINITY is based on the popular nForce2 Ultra 400/MCP-T chipset and supports dual DDR400 up to 3GB, 6-channel audio, LAN, IEEE 1394 Firewire and the newest 4 Serial ATA IDE ports that provide SATA RAID 0/1/0+1.

Setting the INFINITY series apart from the rest of the competition in the overclocking arena is the incorporation of the CMOS Reloaded overclocking utility. CMOS Reloaded enables the users to BACKUP their overclocking configurations under a user-defined name, LOAD the previously saved configurations based on the applications, and RENAME a configuration setting. With allowance of up to 4 sets of configurations per computer and the ability to attach different operating systems to each set, this revolutionary technology enables the users to take overclocking to a new height.

The INFINITY series is currently available through DFI's authorized resellers, distributors, retailers and e-commerce partners. For more information on the new series, please visit or email

Sverre Sjøthun

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