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 The FrankenCooler I
By: Sverre Sjøthun, September 27, 2000  Print this article

Celeron 466@735MHz, Watercooled, TEC assisted , maybe the fastest Celeron 466 in the whole world!


"They said it could not be done, making a supercooler out of body parts, but alas, the FrankenCooler is born. It was indeed a dark and stormy night up in the misty forests and high mountains of the Norse Gods. As the lightning ripped the sky open and the thunder roared in my ears, I howled to the sky: "It’s alive, IT’S ALIVE!!"

Well, I finally managed to get my lazy ass down in front of the puter to write down a word or two about my watercooler. My objective was to make a really funky cooling setup with the following criteria:

a) Extreme capabilities to dissipate heat, thus achieving extreme speeds
b) Portable.....ok, so portable might not be the right word here, but I hope you get the idea. I wanted it to be small enough and compact enough to be carried around to LAN-parties etc.
c) Components within a "reasonable" price-range.

Criteria a) is easy enough: Get your hands on the biggest and most powerful components available.

Criteria b) is a contradiction to a), and here’s the big challenge: How on earth can I have both a), b) and c) at the same time? As the bright person I assume you are, you’ve already understood it’s unattainable.

Ok, so what can I do? Mobility is a must. I don’t want to hire a truck each time I’m going on a LAN-party. Money is always an issue, like it or not. What I ended up with in the original setup (I’ve done a few modification recently. These will be covered in part II) is the following:

600 l/h pump from
A heater core from a Ford Fiesta –84
Two 90 TECs from
A 250W PSU(12-24V, 10A) from
A few meters of 15mm hoses bought at Tess (think it’s an international company, so check’em out)
Homemade waterblock in aluminum, and homemade coldplate in copper.
Insulation of the waterblock/CPU: 10mm Aeroflex mats (data at )

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  Watercooling essentials
  Thermo Electric Acceleration
  Putting things together
  The waterblock
  The Radiator
  The temperatures and fine-tuning the TECs

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