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User profile for Sverre Sjøthun

Gender: Male
Age: 44
Name:  Sverre Sjøthun
Education: Graduate Degree
Work as: Computers/Software/Technology
System specifications:
Processor: P4 2.4GHz@3.2
Motherboard: MSI NEO-LSR
Videocard: GF4 440MX
Harddrive: D740X
Case: LianLi
Monitor: ViewSonic P22F Size: 

Sverre Sjøthun, the founder of DWPG.Com, was born in 1975 in Stavanger, Norway. Even as a young kid, Sverre was obsessed with everything that could be taken apart, built or modified. To his parents despair, it was easier and more fun to take apart than put together again. The classic example is the RC car his dad bought in Tokyo when he was 5 years old -- after 1 day in the little kids hands, the steering was not working, and on top of that, it was mounted in another toy car. With a rubber band as a transmissionbelt.

Luckily, for both himself and his parents, he got better at putting things back together as well as the years went by. At the age of ten, Sverre got a Commodore 64, and it was then pretty clear that computers were going to be a big part of his life. After having finished his education as a computer engineer as well as military service, which is compulsory in Norway, Sverre got his first job in 1998. Sverre is currently working as project manager in the web development dept. at Hipercom AS.

Except from computers, Sverre has a wide variety if interests, ranging from hiking, biking and reading books to cooking, fast boats and high-end stereo equipment. Every now and then, he goes to his family’s log hut, just to relax or do some maintenance work. As the hut is located by the sea, his new toy is a 15' Fletcher speedboat with 115hp outboard engine, and the roar from the Mercury instantly put a big grin on his face.

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Sverre Sjøthun has published these articles Releases New Online Poker Client 2.0
Today marks a major day in the history of online gaming and poker. This morning, after 11 months of conceptualization, design, re-design, usability testing and development, Bodog Online Poker Client 2.0 is now live.

 Warpzone 12 LAN report 2003
Warpzone is an annual event held in my hometown Stavanger, Norway. Over 400 young, and not so young, people gathered together for gaming, tournaments, modding and socializing. Read on as we give you the report of this years event.

 DFI Launches INFINITY 875, 865PE and NFII Ultra Motherboards
Hayward, CA (September 17, 2003) - DFI, the worldwide leader in performance and corporate motherboard manufacturing, today announced the unveiling of a new line of motherboards at Computex, the INFINITY series, aiming at performance users on a budget.

 Intel Introduces Two New Itanium 2 Processors
SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 8, 2003 - Intel Corporation today introduced two Intel Itanium 2 processors optimized for dual-processor systems, expanding the processor family's reach and enabling lower-cost, lower-power systems for technical computing and front-end enterprise applications.

 Creative Launches Creative Inspire P380 2.1 and P580 5.1
Creative (Nasdaq: CREAF) the worldwide leader in digital entertainment products for the personal computer and the Internet, announces the Creative Inspire P380 2.1 and the Creative Inspire P580 5.1 speaker systems.

 Shuttle ships SB62G2 XPC with Serial ATA RAID, dual 10/100 LAN
(Taipei, Taiwan — September 2, 2003) Shuttle Inc, a leading supplier of mainboards and small form factor (SFF) barebone computers, is now shipping the SB62G2 XPC. Read on to find out more.

 Review, MSI NEO-LSR 875P Canterwood Motherboard
With the introduction of Intel’s new Pentium 4 chipset, the 875P, we’ve seen a number of manufacturers offering motherboards supporting the new chipset. Today we take a look at MSI’s offering, the Microstar NEO-LSR 875P Canterwood motherboard.

 Symmetric Multi Processing at a Glance
In dual processor x86 systems, the two processors operate indepedent of each other and are able to function simultaneously. But there are many myths and different beliefs on how SMP works. Read on to find out how it really works.

 New Site Design, New Forums, New Features and More.
Over one and a half years after we launched our old layout in January 2002, we decided it was time to give our site a facelift and, while we were at it, add a few new features as well. Read on to find out more.

 Online at 10,000 Feet?
In February next year, Scandinavian Airlines starts installing wireless networks in all long distance flights. This makes SAS the first in the world to offer internet connection to it’s passengers while airborne. Read on to find out more.

 Corsair Announces XMS3700 DDR Modules
Fremont, CA, June 20, 2003: Corsair Memory, Inc., an industry leader in ultra-performance DDR DRAM computer memory modules for gaming and overclocking applications, has announced new XMS3700 additions to their popular XMS family of memory modules.

 Review, Corsair Hydrocool 200 Watercooler
Corsair is well known for their high performance memory, and they are now taking one step further, into the world of watercooling, thus the expectations are high. Read on as we investigate the performance of the Corsair Hydrocool 200 watercooler.

 Intel releases three Intel Pentium 4 HT processors and new chipsets
New Intel® Pentium® 4 Processors and Intel® 865 chipsets enable next generation of corporate PCs. Read on to find out more.

 Web Developers worse than hackers and viruses?
A survey show us that the possibility for down-time is highest monday morning. The reason? This is when the Web Developers are implementing all the "great" ideas they came up with during the weekend.

 Shuttle introduces Mini-XPC SN45G for AMD’s 400MHz FSB XP processors
Designed for speed and built to overclock, this NVIDIA® nForce™2 Ultra and MCP-T chipset based small form factor computer delivers the performance gamers and content pros have been waiting for.

 Shuttle releases four NVIDIA® nForce™2 mainboards, AN35 series
(Taipei, Taiwan — May 13, 2003) Shuttle Inc, a leading provider of small form-factor (SFF) computers and mainboards, has announced four new value-laden mainboards based on the NVIDIA® nForce™2 Ultra 400 + MCP and nForce™ 2 400 + MCP chipsets. Read on to find out more.

 Review, Prometeia Phase Change Cooler, Part II
In part one, we discussed phase change cooling and supercooling in theory as well as examined the build of the new LianLi add-on kit. It’s finally time for us to take a look at the actual performance of the Prometeia cooler, overclocking the Pentium 4 3.06.

 Intel Canterwood(875P) memory recommendations from Corsair
We just received a bit of information from Corsair about which type of RAM to choose for the new Intel Canterwood (875P) chipset. While this is not great in detail, it contains some guidelines for you to follow, and we think this could prove to be useful for those of you concidering purchasing one of these new motherboards. Read on to find out more.

 NVIDIA to give away thousands of GeForce FX cards
SANTA CLARA, CA—APRIL 1, 2003—NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), the worldwide leader in visual processing solutions, today announced that they have decided to give away thousands of NVIDIA® GeForce™ FX family cards.

 Review, Prometeia Phase Change Cooler, Part I
Today, we’ll take a closer look at the Prometeia phasechange cooling unit from Chip-con, one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful cooling solution available on the market.

 Intel Launches Intel® Centrino™ Mobile Technology
SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 12, 2003 - Intel Corporation today introduced Intel® Centrino™ mobile technology, integrating wireless capability into a new generation of mobile PCs that will bring business users and consumers greater freedom to connect in new places and in new ways. Read on to find our more.

 Shuttle announces XPC SB52G2 with dual LAN
Featuring support for 3.06GHz Intel® Pentium 4 processors, HyperThreading and rock-solid DDR266 memory, the SB52G2 XPC delivers power and economy for office and home. Read on to find out more.

 IDF spring 2003 report
Intel CEO Craig Barrett today said that the desire for advanced technology, enabled by silicon innovation and Moores Law, remains as strong as ever. Read on to find out more.

 NextGenTel, Statoils hjemme-pc kontrakt og kundefokus
Norwegian only: NextGenTel har ikke gått helt ubemerket hen som en av de beste internetleverandørene for tiden, og har fått en rekke ‘Best i test’ titler. Samtidig har Statoil inngått en kontrakt for sin hjemme-pc løsning, noe som skulle tilsi en økning på flere hundre, om ikke flere tusen nye brukere. Spørsmålet er om de har rutinegrunnlag for å dekke opp denne eksplosive økningen i antall brukere.

 Corsair Announces TWINX Memory Kits
Corsair Memory, Inc., an industry leader in ultra-performance DDR DRAM modules for gaming and overclocking applications, has announced that it is now offering a new product family designed for use in motherboards with two memory channels. Read on to find out more.

 Shuttle Launches World’s First AMD Small Form Factor with AGP
Pressrelease - Shuttle Inc., a leading provider of innovative motherboards, barebones, and accessories, today announced another ground-breaking Small Form Factor (SFF) system. Continuing Shuttle’s small form factor leadership, the XPC SK41G is the first SFF system to support powerful AMD Athlon™ XP 2600+ processors, paired with advanced AGP4X graphics cards.

 Review, Logitech Z-540 computer speakers
Logitech has been around for a while, and is known for overall good products. Today, we take a closer look at Logitech

 Hercules launches two new benchmark graphics boards
Pressrelease - Hercules releases 3D Prophet 9700 and 3D Prophet 9500 Pro feature future-proof 3D architecture, enabling full hardware acceleration of the latest APIs (Application Program Interfaces) – Microsoft’s DirectX® 9 and OpenGL® – for a new level of realism in current and future games.

 Review, Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop
Keyboard and mouse – how uninteresting does that sound? Quite a bit. On a second thought, when was the last time you saw a review on a keyboard and mouse? In fact, I dare to say that the keyboard and mouse must be one of the most underestimated computer parts out there.

 Review, MIST - Silent Twin
Microplex is a company known by very few outside Norway, but up til now it has been more or less the one stop shop for the overclocking and modding crowd here in the northern hemisphere. But with the release of the Silent Twin, they boldly go one step further - producing their own processor cooler. Read on as we investigate the performance of this cooler.

 Free Willy - A question about human rights?
Norway, whaling and hunger catastrophies in Africa. The subject is bound to cause trouble. Celebrities in USA and other western countries has collected and spent well above 15 million USD and 4 years to prepare Keiko to yet again be free, the whale from the "Free Willy" movie. The problem is that Keiko came to Norway, the homeland of blood-thirsty whalers.

 Review, DangerDen Maze 3 Watercooler
DangerDen has been around for a long time, and is probably one of the most well known and well spoken of watercoolers available. But are they as good as you might get the impression of? Read on as we investigate the preformance and quality of this kit.

 Review, CoolComputers Tri-Arc Watercooler
In the third leg in our watercooler round-up we take a closer look at a kit from CoolComputers. With their new Tri-Arc waterblocks, this could prove to be a very interesting product. Read on as we investigate the performance of this kit.

 Review, Swiftech H202-C watercooler
Second leg in our watercooler pentathlon features a brand new kit from Swiftech, the Swiftech H202-C. This kit comes with their MCW462-U waterblock, and should provide quite a performace boost over their old model, the MCW462

 Review, Innovatek innovaCOOL rev3.0 watercooler
This is first leg of our reviewing pentathlon for water-cooling systems. In this leg we will take a closer look at the latest and greatest from innovatek, the innovaCOOL rev 3.0. It scores definite points in the looks-department, but is beauty only skin-deep?

 Unlocking the Multiplier on Intel Processors
Ever since August of 1998, overclockers have had to face the fact that they were no longer able to manipulate the multiplier, as Intel had chosen to lock it. We have taken it upon ourselves to prove that it is in fact possible to remove this lock with even simple tools.

 Review, Chieftec DA01BD Servertower, Part I
Finding a case that suits your needs is not necessarily an easy task, especially not when you're like us. What we want is a big case that can fit all our extra hardware, is easy to work with, and has good cooling options. This case caught our eyes as a candidate that might fit these criteria.

 New Site Design and Upcoming Reviews
I am very pleased to present to you the new and improved site design. We have tried our best to make a fast, easy to read and intuitive site with a new features, and others to come. In addition, we'll be putting up some reviews pretty soon. Read on to learn more about the upgrade and the upcoming reviews.

 The FrankenCooler II, the Return of the Beast
In relation with my Mahogany Wooden Case project, it was time to make some changes on the watercooler as well. Not that the old one wasn't good, quite on the contrary, but there were a few things that I found really annoying about it. What was a really good plan turned into a grotesque mix of computer hardware, autoparts and fiberboards -- It had turned into what one of my lecturers used to refer to as "optical noise". This tutorial covers the improvements on my cooler.

 Project Stealth Cooling
In this article I’ll outline my quest for PC silence. I’m not 100% there yet but many people are requesting details now so I quickly put this "report" together. I’ll try to keep it interesting & informative as I can, so expect many pictures because I’m not really a writer.

 Semiconductor Electromigration In-Depth
What is electromigration? A lot of people know that an increase of the bus speed gives you higher CPU speed, higher bandwidth on RAM, and in fact an overall increase in bandwidth of your other peripherals as well, but what happens to a chip when you overclock it, run it at over rated speeds and don't provide it with proper cooling? What are the long-term damages? This is what we'll cover in our electromigration in-depth analysis.

 The Copper Story, The Story Behind the Copper Processors
When transistors are formed on a silicon wafer, traditional manufacturing methods join them in an electrical circuit by depositing tiny aluminum tracks between them. The semiconductor industry has used aluminum wiring on chips for over 30 years. The shrinking size of semiconductors has made aluminum more and more problematic, since it resists the flow of electricity, as wires are made ever thinner and narrower. Read the story behind the copper core processors.

 Mahogany Wooden Case
As the need for a bigger case grew stronger and stronger, and especially with the upcoming modifications on the cooling equipment in mind, I found out that I had to do something. I started out looking for available cases on the net, but found out that the cases I wanted cost like 800-1200US$. I think that

 Modifying a Digital Thermometer
In relation with my wooden case project, I came to think of that it would be nice to have a digital thermometer mounted, and I found one that I could use. Only problem was that this had one external and one internal diode. I wanted two externals...

 The FrankenCooler I
Celeron 466@735MHz, Watercooled, TEC assisted , maybe the fastest Celeron 466 in the whole world!

 PanaFlow Sandwich
I have, as many of you out there, been wondering how the PanaFlow could possibly fit a Celeron. I happened to get my hands on one of these babies, and decided to find out.

 Overclocking the Celeron 466 PPGA:
When it comes to overclocking processors, it seems like the Celeron is by far the most overclockable CPU. There are several reasons to this. Different plants also have higher success rates, with Malaysia producing the most stable Celerons available.

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